Token Sale Advisory​

RHT Blockchain provides extensive advice on strategic planning of a Token Sale, often called Token Generation Event (TGE).

We work as an ‘extension to your management team’ in an advisory role – offering you specialist skills and experience relevant to the project and extra bandwidth towards an efficient delivery and successful outcome.

For a Token Sale, a variety of services need to be provided and coordinated and we knit together a ‘best-in-class’ team of providers which we believe best suits your project.

Projects vary and we may connect with you at different stages, so we prefer to understand more about your project before we confirm the scope of services we can offer.

RHT Blockchain advisory scope

  • Design of your Token Sale – Tokenomics, token functionality
  • Develop and write/improve your White Paper and content for your website
  • Obtaining the necessary regulatory analysis from recommended/selected law firms: this is not as straightforward as many believe and we can act as your experienced General Counsel
  • Conducting high quality project evaluation that will help the development of the project and support favourable ratings and analysis by others
  • Helping you define the most suitable blockchain technology and use cases
  • Identifying, engaging and managing the right marketing, PR and community management services necessary for a successful Token Sale
  • Specifying your smart contracts, monitoring development and ensuring an independent audit
  • Other services based on the needs of your project