Who we are

RHT Blockchain Advisory is a holistic and best-in-class advisory business that supports blockchain projects, especially in the area of assets tokenisation. It is also developing a range of innovative products and solutions delivering value and synergies to its clients – investors and innovators alike.


The blockchain is a form of Distributed Ledger Technology, that uses advanced mathematics and cryptography to secure data stored in decentralised ledgers, that no single party controls and all users can access a copy of the ledger. Blockchain can be either public (permissionless) i.e. everyone can access the ledger, or permissioned (accessible only by an authorised stakeholders). The information stored on the blockchain cannot be altered nor deleted and is therefore permanent and immutable when widely distributed. The blockchain has many powerful use cases applicable to existing businesses and allows the emergence of new business models. It can reduce or remove the need for intermediaries and middle-men (e.g. banks and payment companies) allowing for more transparent and ecient peer-to-peer transfer of value, such us money, rights, titles, etc. While early use cases were limited to establishing new forms of Mediums of Exchange, e.g. so called crypto currencies (e.g. Bitcoin), that do not rely on any central sponsor, such as government, the use of the blockchain goes much further and includes, but is not limited to, Store of Value, Supply Chain Management, Traceability and Provenance, Identity management, KYC/AML and other corporate processes automation, Governance, File Storage, Prediction Markets, Land Title and other types of Registries, Trading of Securities, Audit. In time, we believe that the blockchain is likely to be implemented into the technology stack for almost all sectors and industries in some way and seamlessly integrated with other existing technologies.



The emergence and demand for Security Token Offerings (STOs) is an important next step for the Token Economy as they are likely to represent a range of programmable economic rights and returns for token holders. The tokens in an STO are backed by something tangible, for instance, assets, profits, or revenue of a company – more like a share and where full compliance with applicable securities laws must be a primary goal for issuers.

In another area of rapid development, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) represent another potentially powerful use case for blockchain technology. NFTs are a special type of cryptographic token which represent something unique, such as collectibles, assets used in a game or other unique digital assets. NFTs are therefore not interchangeable, unlike Bitcoin, or other blockchain issued coins/tokens that are fungible in nature.


We can support your project with the highest level of know-how and professionalism in the blockchain ecosystem and with a deep understanding of the technology, market and compliance issues that are needed for success.

RHT Blockchain Advisory brings together a wide network of specialists, preferred partners including RHTLaw Asia, Carrington RHT Wealth and RHT Consultancy, a leading combination of professional service firms in Singapore focusing on the Asian markets, covering legal, fund-raising, investment management, governance, risk and tax advice. The combination delivers a seamless and comprehensive suite of services and products to assist with bringing blockchain projects to the market and getting them funded. The group also develops its own technology-based products for the blockchain ecosystem, which means you can be sure that our advice is based on a thorough and practical understanding of your needs and objectives.