What we do

Reputation Management

We work with our clients to either manage or anticipate issues that affect their reputation, corporate standing or even investment decisions. We help them identify and evaluate areas where proactive or reactive communication is required. We identify what is being said about our clients by external parties and—consequently or accordingly—taking steps to ensure that the general consensus is in line with our clients’ goals. We assist them on their communications stance and work their messages through multiple channels to secure stakeholder confidence. We help our clients to cut through the noise, make their brands heard and ensure their key messages resonate and standout via purposeful influencer engagement and activation.

Thought Leadership Initiatives

We support industry experts and business leaders in their efforts to improve market standing and recognition for their ideas and views on key issues through a series of platforms including campaigns, dialogues, panel discussions and published articles. We also strategise with company leaders on communicating their business ideas or even ground-breaking technologies through such platforms to elevate their firms above the competition. We also help our clients to enhance their executive visibility and positioning through suitable channels, and position them as subject matter experts in their respective industry sectors.

 Financial Transactions Communication

We help clients develop communication strategies and tactics to maintain or build interest among investors with regards to their financial transactions such as initial public offerings, mergers-and-acquisitions, reverse takeovers, rights issues, etc. We identify opportunities for news flow to communicate the company’s strategy as well as monitor and manage post-transaction perception during the entire engagement cycle. We provide advice on the impact of factors such as mergers and acquisitions and other corporate developments on the investor community. In addition, we help our clients to build an investor brand that inspires confidence that complements their business strategy to enhance their financial support from the investment community.

Corporate Positioning

We engage companies to tailor concise messages that address specific stakeholder interests and concerns. We contextualise these messages through a series of internal and external corporate communication programmes under an overarching consistent and efficient disclosure model. We help our clients to differentiate them and to stand out from their competitors through thorough understanding and study of their markets, competitive environments and audiences as well as well-thought positioning and messages.

Crisis Communication and Issue Management

Crises and critical issues happen, not if but when, and they have a negative effect on a company’s brand image. It is pertinent to protect and defend the company’s reputation during such times. We provide recommendations and insights to protect our clients’ public image in the event of a crisis. We help our clients to identify the right spokespersons and train them, establish communication protocols, identify and understand the key audiences, map and manage the stakeholders involved, work out the key messages and recommend the suitable communication methods. We develop the crisis communication manual for our clients, detailing the who, what, where, when, why and how pertaining to the responses and communication procedures they need in a crisis.

PR Strategy, Planning and Execution

We develop PR strategies for our clients, plan their PR activities and make strategic decisions on the best ways for them to communicate to their stakeholders. We craft their communication stories to draw in the target audiences and to increase their profile and build brand awareness. We take an integrated approach by first researching on our clients and their stakeholders, then developing goals, crafting key messages, formulating actions and responses, before selecting the appropriate communication tactics, implementing the plan and then evaluating the outcome.

IR Strategy, Planning and Execution

We understand the language of business and communicating to the financial community and the professional investment community. We help clients to create a strong and effective investment proposition, build an impactful investor brand and ensure their message connects with their target audiences. We have a keen eye and ability to look beyond the numbers and to position a compelling corporate story to our clients’ investors.

We aim to achieve the investor relations objectives of our clients in these aspects:

  • Improve the market capitalisation, valuation and trading liquidity of public listed clients
  • Raise the profile, image and reputation to the investment community
  • Strengthen and diversify the shareholder base
  • Improve access to financing partners, potential investors and other stakeholders in the investment community
  • Maintain productive relationships with members of the investment community such as analysts, fund managers and financial journalists

Investment Community Outreach

We organise roadshows, one-on-one meetings and help arrange conference participation to connect our clients’ business potential with fund managers, analysts, brokers and investors. We also arrange site visits for the media and analysts to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ business operations.

Perception Audits and Market Intelligence

We help our clients to have a deeper understanding on how the market and investment community views them. We speak to current and prospective investors, analysts, funds and finance media to deliver a qualitative and quantitative assessment and feedback on our clients’ investor brand. By doing so, we help our clients to identify their current and desired investment propositions, and find the triggers that can inspire investor confidence in them.

Media Relations

We build and foster relationships with key stakeholders across traditional and online media channels, and work with the media to inform the public and our clients’ target audiences of their business strategies, direction, policies in a positive and consistent manner. We help clients to develop and write messaging for press releases and pitches, talking points, social media accounts, speeches, media statements, op-eds, letters to the editor, etc. We also help our clients to monitor and track media coverage, organise media briefings and press conferences, conduct media coaching and also serve as their company spokesperson.

Branding Strategy and Brand Positioning

We help our clients to create a unique impression in their customers’ mind so that the customers associate something specific and desirable with our clients’ brand that is distinct from our clients’ competition in the marketplace. We target the right audience, distil the correct brand essence, craft a believable brand promise and forge an identifiable brand personality, covering all relevant aspects such as consumer experiences, messaging and internal company culture.

Litigation Support

As companies may face controversial issues or prospects of litigation from time to time, we partner our clients to develop communication strategies to either neutralise or counteract potentially negative and adversarial messages in the public domain.


We undertake an entire event project or product launch from consultation to planning, budgeting, conceptualisation and design, coordination and execution. Through the entire process, our team will provide the project leadership, motivation and direction to ensure smooth execution of the event and achievement of the event objectives.

Digital Communications and Social Media Strategy

In this cyber age, all companies need to embrace a new mindset, adopt the right toolset and engage their desired audiences to build their online community and drive online engagement. We help clients create and curate engaging content, expand their social media presence, identify the success metrics, and track, monitor and analyse them to assess and optimise their reach.

Communication Collateral and Training

We provide the fundamental support to clients in their corporate communication function:

  • Writing and editing of news releases
  • Creating and enhancing of presentations, fact sheets and financial materials
  • Updating investor relations sections of corporate website
  • Preparing interview briefings and Question & Answers
  • Writing and editing of annual reports, including the Chairman’s Message, Operational Review and Financial Review
  • Writing and editing of speeches of C-suite executives
  • Executive and Board training in communication and media