Who we are

RHT Communications & Investor Relations provides strategic counsel to clients, offering organisations the insights and knowhow to plan, strategise and implement an effective corporate, financial and stakeholder communication programme.

We work with our clients closely on communication strategy development by considering the attitudes of their customers, consumers at large, financial and investment community, and other stakeholders to ensure best representation of the client towards these audiences. We ideate, implement and execute these communication strategies to build a good reputation of our clients to their stakeholders.

We serve a wide portfolio of companies from different industries, helping them to develop appropriate and powerful stories and messages to connect them with their target audiences such as customers, influencers, stakeholders, investors or the public at large. Through individually-crafted solutions for our clients, we help them reach out to the right audience via our extensive network in the media, business, finance and investment community.

Our Approach

Every company is unique in its product, business model, business objectives, stage of growth and needs; and hence the communications and investor relations strategy for each company should be unique too. This is why we adopt a customised approach in serving our clients.

We spend time to understand each client’s management, business plan, growth strategy, culture, the challenges it faces and the industry and business environment it operates in before we design a bespoke communication and investor relations strategy to complement the client’s requirements.

We understand the challenges small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face in growing their business.  We want to be their communication partner, advising and guiding them on the professional corporate communication approach and assisting them in becoming successful.

Our areas of specialisation cover