Raising the bar in the legal circle

  • Campaign Objective

    Engaged by a leading professional services firm to raise public visibility for the company’s leadership and services, as well as focus attention on the company’s successes

  • Our Approach

    • Positioned the leadership of the professional services firm as thought leaders and go-to experts in their respective fields
    • Expanded the variety of media coverage through media interview, byline articles and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics ranging from financial markets to business and economic matters
    • Drove stakeholder engagement and raised media profile vis-à-vis company events such as RHT Network Launch, ASEAN Summit, and the RHT Rajan Menon Foundation Charity Golf
    • Developed the professional services firm’s IPO investor relations strategy and its engagement with the investment community through diverse capital market channels
  • The Outcome

    • Significant media exposure through major business publications including broadcast media, business dailies, journals and magazines
    • Stronger appreciation by the investment community about the client’s unique positioning, corporate strategy and ultimately value proposition.