El Lee is the Director of RHT Communications and Investor Relations. He provides strategic counsel to clients on corporate positioning, branding, public relations, investor relations and market capitalisation management. He helps clients to raise their corporate profile through effective communication campaigns and to develop, implement and manage their investor relations roadmaps. He also assists clients to manage their issues and crisis management, and prepare crisis communication plans to protect their reputation.

El has more than 15 years of experience in business and management consulting. He has provided strategic advice to many organisations in the fields of corporate communication, public relations, investor relations, branding and marketing communication. He has held senior appointments in various business functions including public relations, investor relations, branding, marketing and advertising.

Over the years, El has also guided his clients to win numerous awards such as the Gold Standard Award, the Singapore Prestige Brand Award and the PR Award. He has also been invited as a guest speaker to seminars organised by Singapore Technical Analysts & Traders Society and as a panellist to Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium Roundtable seminars. He has led IPO PR campaigns and has also conducted workshops and training to company management in subjects such as media, communication, branding and customer service.

El holds an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, UK.