Elliot Siow joined RHT Comms & IR from a global communications firm, where he served clients in diverse industries, including Islamic finance, insurance, cyber security, palm oil as well as aerospace and defence. His analytical approach and focus on corporate profiling, issues management and media relations supported clients involved in major acquisitions, financial communications as well as government related assignments.

Working closely with stakeholders in media, military, government and NGOs, Elliot has driven communication campaigns to promote, protect and improve the reputation of government-linked companies, multinationals, non-profit groups and listed companies.

Elliot has also worked with clients on content development, crafting key messages which navigate sensitivities surrounding defence procurement in the lead up to one of Asia’s largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions. At Brunei’s largest bank, Elliot supported efforts to align the Bank’s communications with the government’s economic diversification agenda, including a campaign to showcase local SMEs and encourage entrepreneurship. He also led a stakeholders mapping exercise to identify key influencers within the palm oil sector in Malaysia, shaping the engagement strategy of an international non-profit organisation.

Elliot currently works closely with SGX-listed firms to deliver investor relations programmes which strengthen the firms’ reputation in the investment community.

Elliot holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne with a double major in Criminology and Communications.