CFO Services

The challenges of managing a start-up or a growing business can be demanding. As the company grows, you are likely to require professional financial expertise to analyse business performance, profitability and cash flow. Apart from meeting operational and financial objectives, you will also need strategic advice on managing risks, improving tax efficiency and capitalising on market opportunities.

We understand that some businesses do not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on a regular basis and our outsourced CFO services give you access to a financial expert on demand. We will match you with a suitable CFO who can help you to establish key performance indicators, drive revenue via organic growth and/or through mergers & acquisitions, manage costs, improve cashflow, perform budgeting & forecasting, and raise funds.

Our CFO services include the following:

1. Mentor and coach your company’s head of finance on running a profitable organisation effectively

2. Support your CEO and senior management in making business decisions based on solid financial criteria

3. Provide finance leadership and insights for mergers & acquisitions deals – domestic and overseas

4. Establish and execute programmes for capital raising and funding

5. Develop and define key finance initiatives that support the overall strategy of your organisation

Give us a call if you are:

1. A start-up beginning a fundraising process or making a deal

2. A company requiring a CFO to oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of your finance department, as well as share knowledge and technical skills

3. Going through mergers & acquisitions, divestments, or exploring overseas opportunities

4. In the process of making strategic decisions based on important financial criteria

5. A listed company that needs additional interim CFO support for your

next phase of growth