RHT Capital appointed as Independent Financial Adviser to Libra Group Limited

POSTED ON: Monday 05 Feb 2018 BY: RHTGOC

RHT Capital Pte. Ltd. was appointed by Libra Group Limited (“Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, “Group”) to act as the Independent Financial Adviser to the Independent Directors in relation to the proposed acquisition of 51.0% of the issued and paid-up share capital of YC Capital Consolidated Sdn. Bhd. (“Proposed Acquisition”) as an interested person transaction.
Through the Proposed Acquisition, the Group will be involved in the tourism business, and will be engaged in the business of providing travel and tour agency services and the retailing of products catering to tourists.
The resolution in relation to the Proposed Acquisition was duly approved and passed by the shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting of the Company held on 5 February 2018.
For more details on the Proposed Acquisition, please refer to the Company’s circular on the SGX website dated 19 January 2018 here.