RHT Management Services collaborates with RsA Asia, enabling easy access to the right solutions in Singapore and China

POSTED ON: Wednesday 23 Jan 2019 BY: RHTGOC

RHT Management Services, a subsidiary of RHT Holdings, has entered into a partnership with RsA Asia, a tax and corporate advisory firm, to provide clients with easy access to corporate professional services across Singapore and China.

According to the National Business Survey 2017/2018 findings published by the Singapore Business Federation, at least 90% of Singapore companies expanding overseas need help and advice to better understand compliance, regulations, standards and taxation in overseas markets.

RHT Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jayaprakash Jagateesan, said, “The partnership between RHT Management Services and RsA Asia will help the clients of both firms navigate the complexities of doing business in Singapore and China. We will also collaborate on joint pitches and educate both our clients on doing business in Singapore and China.”

RsA Managing Partner, Mr. Lorenzo Riccardi, said: “Asia is home of the fastest-growing and largest economies: China is the first manufacturing hub and the largest market by number of consumers,  Singapore is a globally recognized financial center while ASEAN countries combined represent the fifth largest economy worldwide”.

As the largest market in the world with 1.4 billion potential customers, China continues to be a huge draw for many local companies seeking to internationalise and grow beyond Singapore. For Chinese companies, Singapore remains an ideal gateway to ASEAN given its position as an open and dynamic business hub in the region.

In Singapore, RHT Management Services collaborates with the other subsidiaries of RHT Holdings to provide multi-disciplinary business solutions – accounting, payroll, income tax services, corporate finance advisory, full and continuing sponsorship, corporate secretarial and share registration services, regulatory and compliance advisory, Intellectual Property (IP) and technology advisory, as well as communications and investor relations. 

Through RsA Asia’s offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou, RsA Asia provides tax advisory services, market strategy advice, Human Resource and staffing solutions as well as accounting services.

The partnership between RHT Management Services and RsA Asia also reflects RHT Holdings’ collaborative agenda and ongoing strategy to establish suitable partnerships with other service providers to deliver new, complementary and enhanced services to its range of clientele.